The Bible tells us that the church is not a building or a place, but the people – and we feel that is true at Grace River. We are part of a loving community that values one another, our unique abilities, and has a passion for helping. We have each been given spiritual gifts to serve each other in many ways, which will make our world an even better place.

Grace River Church offers several areas to serve and get involved. As one person, you can make a difference, but together we can make tremendous strides.



Parking Lot: Make a first impression for everyone who arrives at Grace River Church by being the first point of contact.

Greeters: Be a welcoming face, open a door, answer any questions, and direct first-time guests to the New Here, Start Here Counter.

Ushers: Help with seating and assisting with the offering during the service.

Kids Check-in: Help new parents register their children and show them where to take them.

Coffee Bar: Make attenders feel welcome by offering them a cup of coffee.

New Here, Start Here: Welcome our new first-time guests, check them in by adding them to our system and provide them a Welcome Packet.


Screen Ops: Assist with the lyrics and notes that displays on the screen.

Audio: Set up, mix, and monitor audio for services and events.

Lighting: Assist with operating lighting software.

Worship/Music: Play an instrument or provide vocal support.


Nursery: Enjoy time loving on babies and providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Preschool: Be part of teaching, singing, and providing creative hands-on activities.

Elementary: Guide children on an adventure with music, object lessons, stories, videos, and small group time.

NOTE: Those on GraceKids’ Serve Team who choose to fill the above opportunities are required to complete a Background Check prior to serving.

If working behind the scenes is a better fit for you, these two opportunities are also available.

Activities Planning: Plan kid activities and create necessary supplies for the activities.

Scheduling: Create/manage the GraceKids Serve Team schedule.

We encourage everyone on a Serve Team to have an account set up, because our schedulers use this system to assign you to the schedule. You can block your unavailable time and can easily accept or decline requests sent to you by a simple click of a button. You can also see all open serving opportunities and those already on the schedule, in case you want to serve with a friend.

If you do not have an account, click the Request An Account button above and complete the form.

  1. Once your form is received, the System Administrator will request an activation email to be sent to you.
  2. The activation email will outline the steps to set up your account. 
  3. If you do not see an activation email in a day or so, check your Junk or Spam email. If you still do not see it, send an email to