Small Group Signups will open on January 22. 

Spring Semester runs 2/13/23  –  05/12/23

Small Groups are typically groups of 15-20 people who meet for 13 weeks in someone’s home, during the Spring and Fall, to grow on their spiritual journey.

However, for new attenders, we understand attending a Small Group in someone’s home can be a little intimidating. So, the Newcomer’s Group was specifically designed with those new people in mind. We have been so happy to see 50+ people sign up for this group each semester and the feedback has been very positive. The connections and friendships are amazing, and many move on to one of the Small Groups held in a home the next time.

We believe that true life-change happens in Small Groups.  It’s a place where the hard questions come out and where you walk through the Sunday sermon more in-depth.  Small Groups is where you can make life-long friendships.

We want to make getting to your Small Group easy, so childcare is provided for most groups. Our group locations are spread throughout St Charles County with many different days of the week as options.

We hope your next step is to join a Small Group.

“You can be inspired in a row, but life-change happens in a circle.” – Pastor Chris Highfill